Most Wanted: Everything from Mila Hermanovski, Zents Earth Skin Balm, and an Ann Taylor Kissing Foxes Sweater

Most Wanted: August 19
photography courtesy of brand/retailers

1. Zents Earth Concreta skin repair balm at Nest. The shea butter/coconut oil/beeswax combo has all the good emollient ingredients plus notes of sandalwood, Siberian fir, and frankincense. It comes houses in a pretty, earthy hand-crafted soapstone to leave out on your counter.

2. Everything from Mila Hermanovski’s collection, which just hit the floor at Piermarini. It’s too, too good, and I can’t stop thinking about the Dallas native’s drapy printed dress (see above), this chunky zip-up scarf, and this bad-to-the-bone dress hoodie with leather pockets. I want it all.

3. This kissing foxes sweater from Ann Taylor. Ann Taylor keeps upping their game, and I dig what’s happening. It doesn’t get much better than a sweater with kissing creatures.

4. Giorgio Armani’s sexy, sumptuous plum 602 lip color in its new fire engine-red packaging for fall. They’re calling their new lipstick line, Rouge Ecstasy, a skincare-inspired collection that hydrates, acting as a lipstick, balm, and lip pencil all in one. I’m in. Available in September.

5. Pamela Love’s Luna ring with blue lapis at Elements. One part simple, one part witchy.