Just a Spoonful of Sugar for the Best DIY Body Scrub

DIY body scrub
photography courtesy of dreamstime.com and Whole Foods
Bonnie Basham Lance
Bonnie Basham Lance

Source: Bonnie Basham Lance

In the spring-summer issue of D Moms, this jewelry designer and mega mom of three let me in on her pretty little beauty secret. “I use coconut oil. If my hands are dry, I’ll just grab a scoop of it. I also make my own body scrub, and that’s the base of it. That and sea salt, and then I add all sorts of oils. It’s a groovy, hippie scrub. It’s amazing,” Lance says. [If salt is irritating, try using sugar.]

Her advice: try using it in the shower before shaving. You won’t even need a post-rinse moisturizer.

“And you smell like a heavenly Caribbean dream.”

Pick up all the ingredients at a local grocer, like Whole Foods or Central Market.