In Stores Now: Isabel Marant Booties, Pamela Love Jewels, Bella Dahl Button-Ups, and a Kate Spade Frock

instoresnowAs if following friends, celebs, bloggers, and my mom on Instagram isn’t addictive enough, I’m in love with watching merchandise pour into my favorite stores. The goods, clockwise from top left: Pamela Love jewelry at Elements. Shopgirl Stephanie Moore is a accessory-buying whiz. Need a ring, a cuff, or any form of bling? She’s your girl. Bella Dahl button-ups at Original Octane. Equipment blouses aren’t the only go-tos for that effortlessly cool look, and these are perfect for summer and into fall. Isabel Marant suede booties at V.O.D. Is there really anything to say about these? Just wipe the drool off your face. This Kate Spade dress at Tootsies. Because it’s perfectly sweet. But also not.


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