How to Take Better Photos: 8 Tips from Kellie Spano

photography courtesy of
Kellie Spano
Kellie Spano

Just last week or receptionist, Kellie Spano, left us to go back to school to amp up her photography business. Don’t worry, though. Before she left, she shared her top pointers for looking better in pictures. (She also shared all her going-away Tiff’s Treats.)

Top 8 pointers from the gal behind the lens:

1. Practice your smile in the mirror. “There’s no shame in that.”
2. Go outdoors. “Outside lighting is always better than inside lighting.”
3. For side-by-side poses, have your photographer at your level or higher. “Go for the 6’4″ guy in the bar and give him your camera.” If you don’t like the results, ask for a redo and fix what you didn’t like. Usually, people don’t mind. (“And you might make a friend.”)
4. Don’t do the sorority squat.  Especially if you’re wearing a v-neck or low-cut shirt. We can see straight to your breasts and that’s not classy.
5. If you’re wearing something flowy, put your hand to your waist to create a shape.
6. Makeup: less is more. “Matte powder is nice.” Avoid shiny things–like glitter and bronzer–they can make you look oily. Keep blotting pads on hand to use before taking pictures. Don’t be afraid to wear a pop of lip color. “I’m all about women wearing lipstick for pictures.”
7. On taking selfies: “Don’t. But if you must, select your background wisely.” And keep the arm snapping the photo out of the frame.
8. Don’t take a late-night taxi photo. “No one looks good in a cab photo.”


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