#BlondeLashProblems: Where to Get Your Eyelashes Tinted in Dallas

photography courtesy of Flickr user Anna Carol
photography courtesy of Flickr user Anna Carol
Molly Miller (photography courtesy of Molly)
Molly Miller (photography courtesy of Molly)

Source: Molly Miller, A Piece of Toast

Molly Miller is a serious source of style inspiration. From her expertly organized handbag to her freshly cropped ‘do, you want what the girl’s got goin’ on. Without exception, this gem of a beauty tip is totally steal-worthy: eyelash tinting at Osgood O’Neil in Snider Plaza for $25 a session.

“I get my lashes tinted each month because without a tint, my lashes are the blondest blonde (almost clear). I still use mascara, but there’s nothing like waking up in the morning or going without makeup and still feeling pretty with dark lashes.”

Ask for Roxanne.

“Roxanne is the best because she takes her time and gets the tint all the way to the base of the lashes and she makes sure to coat each and every one of them.”

Expect a tiny bit of sting while the dye does its job–the whole thing takes 20 minutes–but hey, it’s hurts to be beautiful, right?


  • Michelle

    I go to Donnie at Sherry Lane Skincare (around the intersection of preston/nw hwy on sherry lane). She does a great job and it is only $10!! I have been going to her for about 10 years and get the blue/black color and it is perfect for my blonde lashes. She is also great for facials (only $45).

    Their nubmer is 214-373-8673