Friday Giveaway: Spa Pangéa Body Cream, Scrub, Wash, and Foot Cream

spapangeaI love the body care collection from Spa Pangéa. Not necessarily for the moisturizing component (although it’s there) and not for the clean ingredients (not so much there), but for the sweet and creamy scent that literally lasts all day. I slather this salve on  after the shower (and after I skip a shower) and when I crawl in bed at night, I can still smell the delicious notes lingering. When I catch a whiff at my desk, I just want to hug myself. Then there’s a scrub, wash, and foot cream, so if you can’t get enough of the body lotion (which comes in a convenient pump container), you can also exfoliate, rinse, and soften your tootsies with the same stuff.

Long story short: I’ve got a set to give away. Want it? (You do, trust me.) Enter here to win. Just want to buy it, shop here.


  • All products are great. It Leaves skin very soft and smooth and feels nice going on. I recommend it.