Why You Should Jump on the Clarisonic Band Wagon

1. Because you’re the last person on earth to own one. (I only just joined the Clarisonic club because I was sent a press sample, I’ll admit, but I’ve totally devoted to it for now.)

2. It makes exfoliating fun. How? Because you can sit in front of an episode of Pretty Little Liars (or something more mature) while you do it.

3. It’s easy. It requires very little thinking. A timer ensures that you exfoliate each part of your face for the appropriate amount of time.

4. It travels. The Mia and Mia 2 versions are small and come in suitcase-friendly cases.

5. Because the newest color collection is entirely too much fun for a skincare tool. The limited edition Bohemian Beach Bungalow Collection offers brushes in Key Lime (see above), Passion Fruit hot pink, and Sea Breeze blue. Only available through May.

6. It’s sold everywhere. Find Clarisonic at spas (Bliss, The Face Place, Equinox, etc.), department stores (Neiman Marcus, Stanley Korshak, Nordstrom, etc.), and Sephora.


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