• Ryle Rirby

    I own a pair of knock-offs that I wear as slippers. I don’t wear them in public unless I’m running a quick errand and there is no chance of seeing anyone I know.

  • I’m proud to say I’ve never owned a pair – real or knock-offs. But I’m sure that I have some other questionable items in my closet, like a millions things in leopard print.

  • Nelson

    I’ve had two pairs of Uggs now. I wear them into the ground, but mostly just walking the dog and cleaning my house and that sort of thing.

  • Uggos

    As a lazy college student up North where it actually snowed and stuff, I owned not one but two pairs of Uggs. I wore them to pieces.; heels are in tatters, salt stains all over the leather. I haven’t worn them, however, since I’ve been back in Texas. And never, ever have I worn them with skirts or shorts.

  • Ashley B.

    Who cares? They’re so comfy. Anyone who has owned a pair knows that. I love my Uggs and I wear them all the time.

  • marisa

    I have had several pairs and wear them casually during the winter. I will caution people not to buy the black color as the dye comes off on your feet……ICK.

  • Michelle Saunders

    I’m with Margaux on this one – never owned them, never plan to. There’s a reason why they share the same first syllable of the word “ugly.” They do seem to be favored around town though, especially by students. My brother goes to SMU and hates them – he said they seem to be the only footwear his female peers wear, at least for a considerable portion of the year. Granted, he’s a guy and not the most aware of female fashions and footwear, but I thought it was interesting that enough girls wear them to catch his attention.

  • Hottie

    If you’re over 18 years old, don’t wear in public. You look dumb– especially if its over 50 degrees out. And please if your kids own a pair, don’t try and be cute and wear some as well.

  • Lauren

    Uggs are awful. If you already bought a pair, they should be worn at home. They are warm and comfy but they are not cute. Also, we’re in Texas! Then again it’s also Dallas. I’m sure you’ll find a lady in Uggs and a full length mink buying some milk when it’s 59 degrees outside. I probably know her. And probably love her. Damn.

  • Mee2

    if you are in ny during snow, they are wonderful. they will keep your feet warm and toasty

  • Char char

    I do not, however if I was gifted a pair I would wear them, just not in the summer with jean shorts

  • Lulu

    I have Uggs and I love them. I only wear them with work out-type gear when it’s clear I’m not trying to be fashionable but they are so warm and toasty. Mine are black which is the color that I think is the least ugly in them.

  • Lulu

    P.S. The dye has never come off on my feet.

  • Fuggly

    Ugg knockoffs are the worst offender. Somewhere, big ladies got the idea they all look great in Fake Uggs paired with a chintzy pair of leggings and mismatched thong panties.

  • Karen

    I have some fake Uggs that i wear to the ice rink.

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  • I have a pair of the clog/mule kind of ugg. I like those to wear with jeans better than the full boot style. Then you don’t have to worry about tucking in your pants or not.

  • Charee

    I like wearing Uggs with jean shorts because I can, because I think its cute, and because I PAID FOR THEM all $260 AND YOU DIDNT. Dont tell me how to live MY life. Dont tell me how to wear MY Uggs.