Friday Giveaway: Invite to Private Party at Trousseau of Dallas Lingerie Boutique

Trousseau of Dallas is one of my favorite stores in Dallas. And not just lingerie store. I mean, all around favorite stores. I’ll admit it’s partially because I’m a lingerie collector. Wearing pretty underthings is a confidence booster, and it’s hard not to stockpile things that do that. Everything owner Nasrin Hormozi selects for her store is beautiful and well made. On Tuesday, April 16, from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm, Trousseau is hosting a private champagne-laced event with Innergy, a health and wellness center in Crescent Court. It’s all about lady stuff this night, and guests will be hearing from an Innergy trainer about fitness, sample nutritious bites by Innergy Chef Troy Gardner, and get tips about finding shape-flattering swimwear from Hormozi. (She stocks killer suits, remember?) Proper bra sizing and fitting is available, too.

I’m giving away two pairs of invites to this event. If your schedule’s clear–please only enter if you’re definitely available–enter here to win.


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