Dallas-Based Verum Clothing Does Monochromatic Minimalism

Verum Dallas
Leather-sleeved hoodie and zipper tee with python pocket

Verum, a new local unisex clothing line, launched a few weeks ago, but I finally got to look (and touch and feel) the pieces last week. I’m impressed. The spring collection, made up of only three pieces–a hoodie, a tee, and button-up, all made in the US–showcases what will be the line’s signature details: leather trim and exposed zippers. Co-owner Reham Choudhury (along with partners Rey Banaban and Haris Fazlani), who brought the collection to our offices on Friday, calls the aesthetic “dark” and “monochromatic,” a look he modeled after his own taste. Although Choudhury doesn’t have a design school background, he’s been tweaking, altering, and creating his own clothing for years. When friends wanted copies of his creations, Choudhury thought broader scale. But quality, he says, is key: “The moment I go cheaper, I’m going off track.”

Splashy branding isn’t the point either. You won’t find find obnoxious logos interfering with the clean lines, but you will find limited edition numbers sewn subtly into each item. Currently, production is small, so each garment is special and the number designates which piece you own. Spring, for example, included three designs and only 36 pieces were produced in total. (The sweatshirt above is marked with a black embroidered 5/12, marking it as the fifth of twelve hoodies made in initial production.) It’s like couture fashion with a streetwear twist. Oh, and crazy good prices. The python skin pocket tee with zippers is $75, the button-up with leather sleeves and trim is only $125, and the hoodie is a steal at $250. As you can guess, spring was devoured and sold out immediately, but as only a developing fashion business will allow, you can send the team an email with your size and have a custom piece made. [email protected] or 214-729-6487

If black isn’t your thing, stay tuned for fall 2013. Choudhury spilled that the line will made up of solid white.

Verum Dallas
The button-up shirt with leather sleeves and trim
Verum Dallas
Subtle logo


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  • B.B.

    Love a minimalist color palette but that hoodie is gimmicky and poorly conceived. The leather sleeves are going to drag down on the fabric in the torso, and there’s absolutely no point to having leather pockets.

    I dislike when designers value form over function, and this is a classic example.

  • JR

    Finally! This is amazing. I love the simplicity but the strong value of the leather. Nicely done. Sad that I can’t purchase this but very much looking forward to the next line.

  • Jesse

    I was one of the lucky 12 to purchase the hoodie after attending the launch party and I love it. The leather doesn’t only serve as a decorative part of the jacket but it’s also comfortable and functional.. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments from it and I’m looking forward to the all white line!

  • Steve Francis

    Super sick gear! Def a must have!!!

  • Angel Baby

    These designers nailed it!! And..I love love love how they don’t want to compromise quality. It says a lot of who they are as artists. I can’t wait to see what they do next.

  • Joel Kiwanuka

    I purchased their button up all the way from UK and it feels amazing! the leather is so soft and fits well. Great job guys! I have a feeling you guys will be around for a while. Great designers.