Changes at Number One/Le Jus in Highland Park Village

Number One boutique Dallas
photography by Emilia Gaston

What was Number One/Le Jus, a combo of Brian Bolke’s boutique and apothecary plus Dana Card’s paleo cafe, is now just Number One. Dana Card is going back to full-time nutritional counseling and the shop’s juice business will being taken over by the elixirs of the Vim + Vigor girls, Annie Portman and Liz Black. We’ll miss Dana’s intense passion for the menu, but the we know Portman and Black whip up a damn good pineapple/pear/apple/romaine/mint concoction. The cafe has a new menu of salads, soups, and sammies, all organice and gluten free, and come May 1, you’ll also have a place to pick up the Vim + Vigor detox kits.


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