On My Love List: Virgins Saints & Angels Dragon Crown

photography courtesy of Virgins, Saints, and Angels

Because I’m obsessed with royal history, because I went to see Snow White and the Huntsman twice in a row when it came out, because I’m just a little (or maybe a lot) Gothic at heart, and for, about, one million other reasons, I love the newest Virgins Saints & Angels collection, inspired by ABC’s Once Upon a Time, at SWAG. The collection full of crystal pendants, ornate hair pins and and combs, and cocktail rings, is elaborate, whimsical, and okay, a tad bit silly. (There are spider cuffs and dagger earrings.) But hand over that Dragon Crown (see above), and I swear I will wear it nonstop. Like, when I’m Swiffering and stuff. (It’s only $450.) If you want to check out the full Once Upon a Time collection and meet the designer, Cheryl Finnegan, head over to SWAG this Thursday, February 7, from 4 pm to 7 pm for cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and snapshots of you adorned in these jewels.