Shop Curated, Artisan Gifts Under One Roof at the Wigwam Holiday Pop-Up Shop

Wigwam Dallas
Shop Noah bags (left), Oh Lazlo planters (right), Rachel Ballard angora baby booties (bottom)

I’m not thrilled with the current sate of Christmas. It’s a commercialized affair, in which people crowd the malls, fueled by Starbucks, to check off their gift lists. Not me. I think the holidays are a brilliant opportunity to pick up truly special things for special people. I’ll be making a stop at Wigwam this weekend. Hosted by Oil & Cotton, beloved home of local art classes, this four-day pop-up shop contains an edited collection of carefully designed artisan wares, including leather handbags, jewelry (like our fav jewels from Olivia k), sculpture, plants, blankets, scarves, and even beer. And, apparently, tamales. Awesome.

What: Wigwam Holiday Pop-Up Shop
Where: 835 W. 7th St. (next to Oil & Cotton)
When: Thursday through Sunday