Dallas Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Gift For the Ladder Climber

Because, apparently, wearing funky socks is the way to the top, I present to you these Hook + Albert dress socks from new Rye 51 in West Village. Quality socks are a great, if slightly clichéd, gift for three reasons. One, they’re a luxury item that don’t hit the top of the priority list for most men. Two, they’re practical. They’ll actually be put to good use. Three, if this gift is for someone whose feet you’re forced to look at often, they’ll replace a pair of dirty, hole-y socks that you hate. It’s a win all around. These Hook + Albert socks are made of breathable Peruvian pima cotton, have hand-linked toes for a comfortable fit, boast a “specialized arch support band” for increased circulation, and come in one size. Each pair retails for $30 at Rye 51.

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