Dallas Holiday Gift Guide: A Present for Your Pet-Obsessed Best Friend

photography courtesy of The Dog Photographer

Answer these questions about your potential gift recipients and their pets:

Is his/her Instagram full of furry things wearing clothes?
Does he/she own a car seat for Fluffy?
Does he/she show strangers iPhone photos of his/her pet at parties?
Does Fluffy have his/her own closet and/or drawer for belongings?
Does Fluffy have his/her own Facebook page?
Does Fluffy get an annual birthday party complete with party favors?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, a portrait session with Dallas’ Mica Ringo of The Dog Photographer will be a guaranteed merry maker. Ringo promises to capture a pet’s a personality during the photo shoot and the end results can look like a cluster of canvases (see above), a coffee table book, or large portrait. Pricing starts at $250 (but typically runs between $500 and $2,500) and contains a built-in print credit of 50 percent of the cost. Get all the information here.

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