Dallas Holiday Gift Guide: A Good Gift for Scattered Moms and Sloppy Teenagers

I think these massive key chains, dubbed The Big O by local creators Janie Cooke, Caroline Nix, and Jennifer Neuhoff, have life-saving potential. Like, for busy moms who don’t have spare time to spend digging in diaper bags for missing house keys or for Dallas ladies so on-the-go, they could put three personal assistants to use. I happen to think these could be also brilliant for messy teenagers used to digging under piles of clothes to find their things.

My favorite thing about these rings is that they can be hung on doorknobs. (Therefore, eliminating entranceway table clutter.) Find these nifty inventions for $55 a piece at Cabana.

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  • Natalie

    Love the Big O keychain! It literally is a life saver for unorganized people like me! It’s so easy to keep everything together and the perfect stocking stuffer for Christmas!! So O-bsessed!

  • Connor Thomas

    Love the Big O keychain! I am a college student, and we need our keys and keycards basically everywhere we go. Being super busy and living in a small, cluttered dorm room makes it easy to lose stuff, but this key chain totally solves that problem. It keeps all of my stuff together in one place and it’s impossible to lose. I can clip it on my backpack when I am in class, put it around my wrist if I am running out to eat, and hang it on my doorknob when I get back to my room. It comes in great colors and is something every college girl should want!

  • Julie

    Love the Big O keychain, keeps a little sanity in my FULL life! Holding a preschoolers hand, carrying a toddler, in and out of carseats, bakcpacks, groceries…NEVER have to stop, drop everything and look for my keys, they are always right where I need them! Thanks BIG O, I need all the help I can get!

  • Maggie

    How did I survive without my Big O? This product has single-handedly changed my days for the better. The bright shiny ring stands out in the sea of clutter at the bottom of my purse, saving time and preventing frustration. Even better, no more juggling grocery bags or sports equipment to dig for keys. I comfortably and stylishly wear my O keychain on my wrist. My life with four kids is a circus. So glad the O ring is helping with the juggling act.

  • Rebecca

    Love the Big O! Perfect when you are running errands and your hands are full. Also, always easy to find in my cluttered purse!

  • Jean Thomas

    How wonderful as a teacher every morning when my arms are full of books, purse, and papers to have my keys available on my wrist to get in the school and my room. Great to grab on the way to recess and the lunchroom. Would be a perfect teacher gift! A must for every busy mom and lady on the go O!

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