Liked! 6 Favorite Stylish Instagrammers of the Morning

I’m an Instagram-a-holic. I don’t do it at dinner tables (unless there’s an amazing dessert!) or in the middle of chatting with friends (unless they’re wearing killer shoes!) or into the wee hours of the night (unless I can’t sleep). My boyfriend thinks it’s a bit annoying. But whatever. It indulges our voyeuristic sides and accepts our slightly narcissistic tendencies, so what’s not to like? You won’t catch me posting daily photos of myself making kissy faces in the mirror (except for this morning’s dark lip photo), but I love posting my pets, my (successful) recipes, and other pretty photogenic moments. And there is some seriously stylish stuff happening on Instagram. You can follow designers, fashion bloggers, and celebs and get a more personal peek into their world. By just 11 am, all of this was happening on the Instagrams of Dallas fashion mavens:

1. @officeofangelascott, Dallas-based shoe designer
2. @lela_rose, Dallas native fashion designer
3. @ninistyle, Dallas personal stylist
4. @lifeintravel, Dallas fashion blogger
5. @shopfiveandten, Highland Park Village boutique
6. @myvioletheart (that’s me) pointing out @margauxanbouba’s cool Villy Customs bicycle