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Highlights from Victoria Beckham’s Very (Very) Exclusive Dallas Event

By Raya Ramsey |
victoria beckham in dallas
victoria beckham in dallas
photography by StyleSheet

Victoria Beckham made her final stop in a three-city tour yesterday at Dallas’ downtown Neiman Marcus. She posed for photos and headed upstairs to a very private spring 2013 runway show, which she topped off with a Q&A session with Bag Snob’s Tina Craig. We had the honor of not only attending the show and chit chat, but sitting directly behind her and her perfectly coiffed messy ponytail. After an intro by Jim Gold, Neiman Marcus specialty retail president, Victoria Beckham took the mic to tell the room full of perfectly polished ladies how “gorgeously glamorous” they looked and that she was “at a loss for words.” (She also mentioned she’d never seen so many diamonds.) I’d been wondering what kind of role Posh Spice would play–coy and quiet? removed and haughty? sexy and smirky?–and she was none of the above. She was perfectly delightful. Funny even, ending her intro speech with “I’m going to be hanging around afterwards. I’d love to meet some of you and chat, try clothes on, be girly, and have some fun.” How cute, right?

Now, a few highlights from the Q&A:

On her design philosophy…
“I always want to design things that I would want to wear myself. I love women and I want to empower women. I want women to feel beautiful and feel confident.”

“It’s about clothes being flattering. Nothing too challenging. Sucking in the bits that a lady wants to suck in and creating an incredible shape.”

“Nothing’s too complicated. You get in, you zip in, and you go.”

On having children…
“I have so many kids. I really do. I have a lot of children.”

On her first handbag…
“The first bag I ever had was actually a Gucci carrier bag. One of my mother’s friends bought something from Gucci and gave me the bag that it came from. I used to carry my schoolbooks to school in the Gucci bag, day in day out, until the bottom fell out.”

On her new spring 2013 collection…
“This is the first time I’ve introduced separates to my line, so not only do we have signature dresses, we have shirts and blouses, skirts, trousers. There’s lots in this collection.”

On her handbags…
“Everything is custom-made for us. The bags are all handmade in Italy. So it’s really important that I can offer my customer the best quality in everything from the bags to the clothes.”

“I just want to make women feel good and special. And every time somebody takes one of my bags out of their closet, I want them to feel special. That’s why I do what I do.”

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