Dreamy Lip Fix: Avène’s Cold Cream Lip Cream

avene cold cream lip creamI have chronic chapped lips. It’s particularly annoying in the winter. I’ve used Chapstick, Carmex, Burt’s Bees, Vaseline, everything in Whole Foods, straight Vitamin E oil, Aquaphor, eye cream, and pretty much everything else you can come up with. I’ve gone through the list of reasons these things aren’t working: irritating menthol, stifling petrolatum, addiction to lip balm, which is causing my skin not to produce its own oil, etc. In the end, I’m not sure I care. I just want something that soothes and hydrates. My newest lip balm love: Avène’s Cold Cream Lip Cream for “severely dry, cracked, chapped lips.” It’s mint-free, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and its first ingredient is Avène Thermal Spring Water. (I don’t really know what that means, but I like it.) It’s formula is thick (but can be worn under lipstick), sheer (but potent), and long lasting (but not sticky). I was sent a sample of this stuff, and so far, I’m digging slathering it on before bed for overnight recovery and wearing it alone with a pink cheek and mascara for a natural makeup look. $14 at dermstore.com.


  • Hilda Gensen

    It seems you haven’t tried Buddha Balm yet. This is the best stuff on the market and its a quarter of the price of balm you reviewed. Buddha Balm isn’t everywhere so check Thier website, but my guess they will be everywhere soon because nothing is better.

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  • Raya Ramsey

    Good tip. Thanks, @Hilda. Checking this out now.