What’s in Model Gillian Vanderslice’s Bag?

What's in Gillian  Vanderslice's bag?
photography: spill by Matthew Shelley, modeling photo courtesy of E!, "school" photo by Billy Surface

I was surprised when Gillian Vanderslice’s vintage bag yielded only a handful of items, but then she reminded me, “There’s only so much a high school girl needs.” Good point. But even with her beautiful clean face, it’s hard to remember she’s only a junior in high school. The Highland Park student has already begun a pretty successful modeling career, winning E!’s Scouted modeling contest, and being signed with Page Parkes modeling agency.

Gillian Fun Facts
Favorite color: purple
Starbucks drink: Skinny Vanilla Latte
Workout center: YMCA

Vintage coach bag. "I found it at Buffalo Exchange."

1. Bracelet from Mexico (“My sister has hers on her keys, so I put my bracelet on mine.”) and panda keychain (“It’s from a foreign exchange student.”) (Gillian is part of the AFS Intercultural Program that sponsors foreign exchange students.)
2. Nail file. “I bite, so I have to file them.”
3. Sunglasses. “My sister took my Ray-Bans to college, but I think aviators are the best.”
4. Coach wallet with ID, money, and Starbucks cards.
5. Earbuds. “To listen to my music.”
6. iPhone. “I’m a stereotypical teenager–I’m never without it.”
7. School ID. “I just had to use it to buy tickets to Highlights. (A Sadie Hawkins-style dance with a neon theme. Gillian and her friends are dressing up in bright colored morphsuits.)
8. Fresh Sugar lip balm in Rosé. “That’s my favorite Chapstick. It’s moisturizing and it’s tinted pink.”