What Makes a Serum Worth $590? Natura Bissé Says Science.

Natura Bisse Diamond Life InfusionSticker shock is wearing off for me. I’ve seen plenty of beauty products priced upward of $300 at this point. Women are looking for alternatives to needles and scalpels, and beauty brands are doing their darndest to offer it–at a significant cost, of course.

Natura Bissé, a Spanish line with its US headquarters right here in our hometown (specifically Irving), placed its newest product on shelves this week: the Diamond Life Infusion serum. It costs $590.

They are calling this baby the iPhone of their brand. A product so great and powerful, it will be a staple of the collection and a building block for future recipes. Inside is their patent-pending technology called Bio-Magnet Nanosomes. I’m not going to get all Bill Nye on you and tell you how it works, but here are the keys points and given to me by Natura Bissé:

-Diamond Life Infusion was produced in collaboration with a scientists at the University of Munich
-The product is part of a new cosmetic science called Skin Age Biomarker
-Active ingredients stimulate epidermal stem cells and their renewel capacity (more cell renewing = younger looking skin)
-A Telomeryl Shield ingredient protects the telomeres (which “protect the ends of chromosomes to prevent the aging of the skin cells”)
-Diamond nanoparticles are used to help deliver the anti-aging ingredients into the skin (apparently, it’s already a practice in the medial field)

I was invited to a luncheon this week to celebrate the launch and be educated on the product. With the presentation, of course, came a full-sized sample of the product to try. I’m in process of reviewing, so I can only tell you my initial thoughts post first use.

1. This cream is nice and thick. Feels like there could be some really good things living in it.
2. The serum dries fast, absorbing quickly. It is not slick and slippery. I like that.
3. My skin felt plumper after first use. I don’t know if it’s the product being absorbed or my imagination, but I dig the feeling.
4. There are nano (to borrow a science word) shimmers left behind. Gives you an instant glow. Sneaky. But I like that.

More results to come.


  • Divanora

    Why in the heck do these face cremes have to have a price tag of what is equivalent of some people’s rent or car payment? Whatever happened to just plain ole’ good skin care practice? Or are some women willing to fork over a small fortune for a gimmick with the empty promise of the Fountain of Youth?

  • Esther

    I agreed with you Divanora, have a look the ingredient list because they also carry paraben

  • Evelyn

    I have used Natura Bisse for years and only have seen beautiful results. I have purchased this particular products 3 times already. Trust me, it works and the price isn’t a problem for me and a lot of people. But for a lot of people the price is a lot of money. For those people that’s why there are drugstores. So I suggest before you call things gimmicks or ridiculous put your money where your mouth is and actually try the product. It’s a luxury product I believe in, but its not for the masses. That’s why I guess it’s a coveted brand.

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