The State Fair is for Fashionistas

photography by Desiree Espada

Paris Fashion Week has nothing on this fashionable festival. So, street style hopefuls sported sculptural shorts? We’ve got ladies in chicken hats. Who cares about this woman’s embellished necklace? I’ll raise you thirty rhinestoned Western belt buckles. Photographers think they spotted the best accessories outside the Chanel show? I bet they’ll wish they discovered the palm-sized purses in metallic shades of pink under the fair’s iconic shopping tent. Or perhaps the headband stand with the how-to video featuring a 90s model with a mullet. Edgy stuff. So perhaps you don’t need a Neimans trip this weekend. You can easily swap it for a trip to the State Fair. And about those brunch plans, cancel them, too. You can get a perfectly sophisticated mimosa at this fried Samoas stand.

If you’re going at night, you’ll want to put in some extra effort. With glitter eyeshadow. It’s a sexy affair when the stars come out. If you’re modest, leave it behind. You’ll want to show off your cheeks (not the blushing ones) and bare your midriff. And, of course, you top off the look with your chicken hat.

Ladies who lunch will want to use this guide to healthy food at the fair.


  • ERG

    Friday evening I was stunned by the prevalence of the leggings as pants look. No, not skinny jeans, but a heavy tight. They were typically worn with a shorter shirt designed to reveal the “tramp stamp.”

  • Raya Ramsey

    Sadly, I saw those too.

  • nancy

    This is hilarious. I saw a surprising number of sequin things during the fair. Oh, and heels.