Love Notes

There’s a wintery chill in the air and I’ve just passed up the daily 11 AM carrot juice in favor of a hot buttery croissant and my second latte of the day. I turned on my Carla Bruni Pandora station, and I’m curled up with my laptop blissfully remembering every detail of the morning we just spent with Garance Doré.



Yes. I am. A diehard Garance fan. So much so that when we met Scott Schuman a few years back I asked him to write on Garance’s picture rather than autograph his book for me. Scot, my Scot, checks CNN and ESPN every morning. I grab my coffee and have one destination, the Garance Doré blog. Simply put, it just makes me happy. The illustrations, Garance’s photography, her fashion musings, and of course, her utterly French perspective.


So when Garance saw the hearts drawn on her picture she was genuinely excited and immediately asked her assistant to text a photo of it to Scott, who is currently in South Africa. And of course she signed a little love note back to him. Ah, l’amour!



We spent a lot of time chatting with Garance about her life and photography. She prefers the 85mm lens, but says it’s so heavy to carry. She totes Porselli ballerinas in her bag to wear for shooting between shows. And her favorite closet would be that of Jenna Lyons. The defining difference between her and Scott’s photography is that she is more of a creator of the image while Scott is a hunter of the image. Are you ready for this? She does eat meals and she doesn’t diet or workout. Except for ‘some yoga.’ And while the idea has crossed her mind, she has never juiced or fasted before fashion week, hence my liberated croissant purchase this morning. All the while, she has reclined back into the sofa and does a little flirtatious head tilt maneuver that I’m convinced only French girls can pull off. What was that? Now we just have to work up the nerve to take her photograph. And her giant Canon camera is staring down my not-so-giant Nikon on the table.


Long story short, Garance is incredibly photogenic and so much fun to shoot! She really got a kick out of Scot’s baby blue ostrich cowboy boots. And she’s exactly the same person that we know and love from her wonderful narrative writing style on the blog. Thank you so much to Garance and Neiman Marcus NorthPark for making our lovely morning possible.


  • Wow. What a fun narrative regarding such a great blogger and designer, Garance Doré. So enjoyable and heartfelt reporting! Love Garance’s photo. She is truly lovely !

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  • Beautiful shot, Kristi!! I can’t imagine the pressure you must have felt.

    I also had the incredible opportunity to meet and speak with Garance. She spoke to a very small class on SMU’s campus on Wednesday afternoon. I saw just two rows in front of her and asked her some questions about blogging artistic pursuit that have been on my mind for some time. Every thing she said was like gold!! And she is so funny and cool (in the best sense of the word)! Everything I had imagined her to be and more. 🙂