Local Shops Move Online

The telescope necklace by Love Nail Tree at Relativity Outdoors

My job is to cover the local shopping scene. My mission is to be a wealth of knowledge on where to shop (for just about anything), who’s having a good sale, which local designers are making exciting things, and what new stores you have to visit. That being said, I won’t pretend I don’t occasionally shop online. I love hiding Zappos.com behind my inbox. But nothing beats walking into a store, running your hands over the racks of clothing, trying things on, finding the perfect fit, and walking out of the the door with your goods wrapped in crinkly tissue paper, ready to be worn that same evening.

These days, you can have the best of both worlds. Local shops are doubling up and moving their wares online, too. New to the web world from Dallas, Demerara, a men and women’s shop in West Village, and Relativity Outdoors, the absolute coolest and most stylish outdoor boutique in town. Shop them online, visit them in person. Go crazy.


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