It’s a Very Good Day to Enter Your Furries in Our Cutest Pet Contest

Gratuitous cute animals gallery

If your Instagram is full of pink noses, floppy ears, and cuddly creatures, this contest is for you. Welcome our first ever Survival of the Cutest pet contest. We are looking for the most adorable animals in town. If one of them belongs to you, you must nominate him or her.

I can’t wait to put aside online shoe shopping to browse cute pet photos instead.

Nominations close November 16.

Update: Sorry, guys. I just found out the contest is now DOGS ONLY. But feel free to send me pictures of any kind of cuteness.


  • I just submitted Stella 🙂 (I also may have gotten a little to into writing about why she’s so awesome)

  • Laura

    Ray – you should totally nominate Cricket. He’s precious!

  • littleloo

    My grand-puppy Lilly Belle was entered!

  • Gina

    Bonny Jean has just joined the group – may the cutest pup win!

  • jenna

    my bentley is cuter than any dog on your site. please let me know when you run another contest, we will enter. thanks