Hang On To Your Hat: Debut BLKLN Menswear Collection Includes Tanks, Silver Denim, Sequins

Head to any cool fashion event in town, and you’ll probably see Jim Duran. He’s the guy in the head-turning outfit. It could be a perfectly tailored jacket with his slicked back locks, a wildly printed tee, or even a drapy, sheer shirt with an exposed midriff. He’s also sporting some sort of fashion statement, which is why it comes as no surprise he’s decided to launch his own menswear collection. Called BLKLN Clothing (pronounced “black line”), the collection is full of “creatively tailored shirts, trousers and other essential wardrobe staples for me.” That’s according to the press release. Emphasis on “creatively tailored.” During a media sneak peek, I discovered slender lines, a variety of textures, a glam rock-and-roll vibe, and a generous dash of dazzle. Key pieces include shiny silver cargo pocket denim; a vest with black patent, subtle houndstooth print, and a hood; long, low-neck tanks; leggings; slim fit pants; black tees with sequin panels; and even a floor-length tank (/maxi dress). The collection is edgy and androgynous, and I would personally wear most of it. But will Dallas dudes? Duran says the goal is to give Dallas guys an alternative set of fashion-forward threads. Read my Q&A with Jim below and click here to attend the (free) November 13 debut event at DISH and see all 15 looks.

ShopTalk: How do you feel men in dallas will react?

Jim: I think the style here in Dallas for men is pretty formulaic and they seem to adopt a uniform. What I did in launching here in Dallas is give an alternative perspective to those fashion forward thinkers. I’m not saying I’m here to change the Dallas fashion scene. I just want to give them a different option.

ST: Who is your customer?

Jim: My customer is a downtown rock-and-roll guy who’s very edgy, very fashion forward, is a free thinker, and isn’t afraid to take risks in his wardrobe.

A friend of mine was like, “So are you tailoring the collection to Dallas?” and I was like, no. Why would I do that? With any designer, you shouldn’t tailor designs to fit a specific city. I’m just designing what I know, what I’m best at, and what I feel comfortable with, and I’m just hoping Dallas likes it.

BLKLN Dallas

ST: Where do these pieces get worn?

Jim: It’s definitely special event, going out. But I mean, if I were in New York and I had this, I’d just wear it because it’s Tuesday. One of the things I’m most proud of is the wearability of everything even though it is fashion forward.

ST: Where will this line be bought?

Jim: I’m going to focus on specialty boutiques because I know that my customer is a very specific customer.

ST: What about the price point?

Jim: The price point is really going to be across the board. I didn’t want to make it to terribly expensive, but I do have some pieces that are going to cost a little bit more. A cotton tank is going to be around $60 to $75. The hoodie, $600 to $700, and the jeans are going to range from $250 to $400.

Cowl neck shirt with ostrich shoulder details (left) and a row of monochromatic separates (right)