Get Fit for $4. Sign-Up This Afternoon Only.

Camp Gladiator Dallas
photography by Elizabeth Lavin

I’ve been doing Camp Gladiator boot camp for about two years now. It has helped me reach fitness goals I never thought I could, been the reason I was able to shave off 8 pounds and keep it off, and given me an place to let off steam and walk away feeling good. They’re consistently winning Readers’ Choice awards during the Best of Big D because camp attendees can’t get enough. It’s physically addicting. The only downfall, like gym memberships, yoga studio fees, and other fitness programs, is the cost. If you sign up for six consecutive months, it’s only $69; if you sign up for one camp (four weeks), it’s a whopping $170.

Not this afternoon. It’s Camp Gladiator’s 4th birthday celebration.

Sign up between 12:44 pm and 4:44 pm TODAY, and you can register for the October 15-November 10 session for $4. No strings attached. Head to to sign up.


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