Friday Giveaway: Evoque Tahitian Tuberose Candle

evoque tahitian tuberose candle
photo courtesy of Evoque

Fall has arrived, but it doesn’t mean we have to ditch our favorites scents, do we?

Today’s giveaway is a summer throwback smell: Tahitian Tuberose by candle company Evoque. The decor-friendly frosted jar contains sevens ounces of floral soy wax with a zinc free wick. Burning time is 50 hours.

Enter here to win.

Update: Link is working.


  • FortWorthGuy

    Your “here” link does not work. At least as of 10:53 this am.

  • Raya Ramsey

    Thank you, FortWorthGuy. Link is updated. I’ll enter you based on the email address associated with your comment.