You Need to Try This: Lomasi Mani Pedi Gel, an At-Home Nail Gel Kit

I can’t keep up with weekly manicures, but my at-home polish changes chip too quickly. Any longer-lasting solutions you know of that I can do at home? –Julia

First of all, I envy anyone who can keep up with weekly manicures. Second of all, I’ve got the perfect solution, and I’ve been dying to share my discovery.

Skip the salon for your next OPI Axxium or CND Shellac gel session. Order the $85 Lomasi at-home nail gel kit from L.A. For a microscopic slice of the price–factor in 20 manicures for that $85–you can get the same 2-week results. Every tool necessary for application and removal comes in the kit; all you need to bring is a sturdy hand for painting.

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photography courtesy of Lomasi

I’ve had my setup for a couple months and performed a handful of manicures on myself and my mom, and I’m impressed. The color is smooth, long-lasting, and the top coat gel seems to smooth over any flaws. The kit comes with a beige color, Sincerity, which I happen to love, but colors can purchased separately. Here’s the list of online dealers. I’ve looked through them all, and most offer free shipping with this price of the kit, but Peninsula Beauty will ship single colors for free. (I just bought Commune, “an glossy shade of earthen brown.”)

There are few little luxuries I find more blissful than a fresh mani/pedi from a salon, especially with a long lasting gel, but it’s pretty cool dipping your hands under the UV lamp at home. In your bed. Eating ice cream. While watching Emily Thorne take out her Hampton enemies on Netflix.

This post is based on a sample sent for review by Lomasi.