Suds Scoop: LAFCO New York Makes Soap. Amazing Soap.

LAFCO New York Dallas

It’s no secret I’m wildly in love with LAFCO New York and every lotion and potion in its delicious beauty emporium. But get ready for this breaking news: LAFCO is now purveying its own line of soap. But not ordinary soap, no. Special, Italian, handcrafted soap made with love and care, plus a mixture of luxurious and emollient oils. I had the privilege of meeting with LAFCO owner Jon Bresler, who walked me through this new labor of love. Then, I did what a good editor should; took a shower and used the soap. Here’s why I’m over the moon.

1. The bars smell delicious and come in scents that match 14 of the 36 House & Home candles. This means, if you can’t get enough of the Duchess Peony “Power Room” candle, for example, you can now lather yourself in it. Or the Marseille Fig “Guest House” fragrance, or The Au Citron “Music Room,” or the Celery Thyme “Dining Room,” etc… Fragrance comes from clean essential oils.

2. Your skin is left feeling soft, not squeaky. As Jon explained, the soaps contain an unusual blend of both solvent-free coconut oil and velvety olive oil. During the milling process, almond oil is also added to the mix for an extra dose of moisturizer.

3. Soap comes in two sizes: large for $17, and small in sets of three for $34.

If that’s not too much information to handle, hang on to your hats: matching diffusers in colorful handblown glass containers will be out in October. They’re gorgeous.

Available at the LAFCO New York boutique in Highland Park Village.


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