Arm Candy

Usually, by the end of August, I’m ready to shed all the bracelets that have stacked up my wrists from summer trips. But right now I’m obsessed with stackable bracelets, friendship bracelets, gold watches, and retro swatches. Hey, that rhymed! Basically, anything that’s arm candy. Paired with a look that’s incredibly classic and rich, par exemple, your best NYFW street-worthy look. I fell in love with these Gemelli bracelets the second I saw them. Notice the little stone skulls? Gemelli designer Claire Morgan and her friends really rocked the look.


  • I am a hug fan of Arm Candy! I love mixing and matching my vintage/thrift pieces with those I may just recently found at forever 21.

  • that is literally my right arm on the left… and Claire Morgan (the brainchild behind the blinged-out, gemstone craze) is in the middle flashing the fab ring, and her BFF is proudly displaying both arms (and a cute little innie) on the right. i’m doing all i can to get Gemelli press. popping up in fashioin hot-spots across the country with arms and neck adorned with what Claire & I describe as fashion crack. everyone wants a “stack”. these beauties are not lightweight contenders, they are some seriously substantial stones, polished and faceted to catch light and sparkle. Each combined with creative accents from crystal balls to carved skulls, the look is ON TREND now. definitely affordable now through several local haute boutiques and trunk shows popping up nation wide. T.SF. prediction: the $190 “3-stack” will be a major hit on the christmas wish list this year. alone with jeans & a t-shirt: hip accented by tennis bracelets:totally fabulous. come on, try it!!!
    yours truly, mandy taylor moore, the secret fashionista.
    double dare you to rock it with a YELLOW or ORANGE Lisa Barfield Venice tote – OMGoodness!!