Texas Summer Beauty Challenge: Prolonging Your Airbrush Tan

Live through a Texas summer and you know: survival is the goal. But don’t let three-digit temperatures get the best of you. Tune in to our Texas Summer Beauty Challenge series. Intern Kristi McCann is tracking down expert advice to help you get through the summer and look good doing it.

If you’re like most business women in Dallas, you’re strong, independent, successful, and you haven’t seen the sun in weeks. But thanks to plentiful sunless tanning options, you hardworking Texans can still achieve a sunkissed glow, even if a trip to the pool is out of the question. The tricky part is getting your faux glow yo last, so we talked to Body Beautiful Studio’s Barb Yevchak on how to increase your tan’s longevity.

She first suggests exfoliating from head to toe within 24 hours prior to your spray tan application to ensure the best absorption. After the tan has set, moisturize your skin, and repeat again immediately following your first post-application shower.

In Barb’s opinion, moisturizing is key. “Natural exfoliation of the skin is inevitable,  but by adding moisture twice a day, that top layer of skin will not exfoliate as quickly, thereby, helping your sunless tan last a bit longer,” she says.


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