Texas Summer Beauty Challenge: Pretty Feet Between Pedicures

Texas Summer Beauty Challenge: Pretty Feet Between Pedicures
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Live through a Texas summer and you know: survival is the goal. But don’t let three-digit temperatures get the best of you. Tune in to our Texas Summer Beauty Challenge series. Intern Kristi McCann is tracking down expert advice to help you get through the summer and look good doing it.

As invigorating as it is to take your feet out of hibernation and transition into revealing sandals, it adds another element to your beauty routine: foot maintenance. Nail technician Kim Huynh from Indulgence Nail Salon has an easy solution to keeping your pedicured paws in tip top shape, even between salon visits.

“It really is simple,” Kim says. She recommends purchasing a pumice stone and scrubbing your feet each time you take a shower. Then, apply Gold Bond Lotion when you get out. Yes, it really is that simple. Kim understands her clients spend time barefoot and in swimming pools between appointments, and this simple solution is her secret to soft, beautiful skin.

There’s no pricy products needed and with Gold Bond Lotion readily available at the grocery store, Walgreens, or wherever, you can have fabulous feet all the time.

Kristi McCann is a shopping intern.


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