Champagne & Cupcakes at Kendra Scott to Benefit Lauren Scruggs

Kendra Scott pre-fall 2012
A few pre-fall Kendra Scott gems

It’s been about seven months since Dallas girl Lauren Scruggs was first all over the news. (If you’re out of the loop: a horrific incident involving a spinning plane propeller left the beautiful girl without one hand and one eye.) Since then, it seems she’s hardly missed a beat, blogging, writing a book, being captured hitting the streets in workout gear, and tweeting such glowing positivity as “Life is fun.” We’re sure she battles tough moments on the side and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to help her continue to succeed with the Kendra Scott Gives Back event benefiting Lauren Scruggs. Both designer Kendra Scott and Lauren Scruggs and family will be in the store for this special night.

What: Champagne, cupcakes, and shopping. Plus, 10 percent of the evening’s proceeds go directly to Lauren’s medical expenses.
Where: Kendra Scott
When: Thursday, July 19 from 5 pm to 8 pm


  • Randy Dinkelbrau

    With all due respect, this sounds like a bit of a load. Scruggs settled with the airplane tour company’s insurance company. I doubt she needs extra funds to pay for her medical expenses. It’s one thing to hold an event giving her an award for surviving the horror of being injured while pretty, but don’t act like it’s some sort of philanthropic event.

  • skipip

    @Randy — I couldn’t agree with you more. How about a fundraiser to pay for medical expenses for that young girl who was raped and left for dead in a trash dumpster while she was walking to the school bus stop. Scruggs doesn’t need the financial support. I’ve seen her shopping at Northpark several times. Not to mention, the paypal account they set up after the accident provided more than enough $ to cover out of pocket medical expenses.

  • Suzanne

    @Randy and Skipip Obviously neither of you have had a head injury, not to mention the other horrific injuries, that will cost millions for YEARS in all kinds of ways people don’t understand until it happens to them.

    I admire Lauren’s brave positive attitude, and those who help, instead of cold-hearted clueless people like the above posters.

  • Kevin

    Suzanne is on the right track, being someone who was injured in an accident and having an insurance company pay it is never enough to cover ongoing expenses and ongoing struggles that occur as your life goes on. I do agree that when high profile people have things like this happen to them they get much more attention over everyday people. I can only hope and i think the Scruggs family will use the continuing moneys that come in to assist with what she will need medically and also that she will continue to speak to and help out others who have been injured and be an inspiration to them that you can overcome injuries, how you deal with these types of things really shows who you really are. She seems to be willing to continue to recover and help others in similar situations. Unless you are the person responsible for where their money goes you dont know the good that they are d oing with it.