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What’s in Elements Shop Girl Stephanie Moore’s Bag?

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What's in Stevie Moore's Bag?
photography by Matthew Shelley
What's in Stevie Moore's Bag?
photography by Matthew Shelley

We’ve always loved Elements for its choice of designers, selection of fresh and interesting finds, and pinch of locally crafted jewels. We have another reason, too: shop girl Stephanie Moore. (But you can call her Stevie.) Typically clad in black (and fringe) this red haired beauty and self-professed “crazy hippie” is a clothing and jewelry connoisseur with a dash of mystery. We were stoked to take a look in her bag. It was just as interesting as we’d hoped.

What's in Stephanie Moore's bag?1. Coach wallet. “I worked at Coach when I was in college and this was the only thing I bought myself. We ordered wallets from R & Y Augousti for fall, so I’ll probably upgrade then.”
2. Origins A Perfect World serum. “It’s the only cosmetic I truly believe in. I put it on three times a day.”
3. Betsey Johnson sunglasses. “These are embarrassing, but I’m afraid if I buy new ones I’ll lose them or probably sit on them.”
4. Love, Erin necklace. “We carry the line in the store. She’s a friend of mine and she showed me how to make it, so this is a custom piece.”
5. Beauty products from top: Physician’s Forumla Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting lipstick in I <3 Rose, Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm in “Hibiscus” (“More florals”), Frederic Malle Lipstick Rose perfume (“It’s what I would wear if I had endless money”), and Physician’s Formula organic mascaras (“It’s so soft you can sleep in it”).
6. Bach Rescue Pastilles Natural Stress Relief. “They taste exactly like a French 75, which is my favorite cocktail.”
7. C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve (top). “I like the way it smells. I love rose. I love florals–like floral liqueurs and I even put edible flowers in my salad.” Pré de Provence lavender shea butter.
8. Erica Weiner earring card for Herkimer diamond earrings. “It’s a diamond that’s unique to America, which really appeals to me.”
9. Dart Transit Pass. “I don’t drive. I’m so much happier and more relaxed now that I don’t drive. When I’m on the road, it’s not fair to other people that are good at driving.”
10. R & Y Augousti stingray business card holder. “If I put your card in the stingray case, it’s because I’m going to call you. It’s my serious business card case.”
11. Note napkin
12. Chanel No. 5. “I know it’s a cliche, but it’s really nostalgic to me. Makes me think of nice department stores and nice old ladies.”
13. Nature’s Way Mood Aid. “I’ve been taking these forever.”
14. Acure Organics dry shampoo (“My hair is prone to be dry, so I try skipping washes, but I don’t want a greasy head” ) and leave-in conditioner (“I hate brushing my hair”).

Peek into more purses.

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