Three Golden Days of Airbrush Tan Deals at Facelogic

a South Seas tanFacelogic gave me one of my favorite airbrush tans I’ve had so far. I was exotically dark (but friends told me it looked natural) and I faded evenly (no Michael Jackson splotches). Of course the skill of the airbrusher is a critical factor in the outcome of your tan, but it helps that the South Seas Skincare formula is paraben free and fairly neutral smelling. This Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (that’s June 21-23), you have three ways to save on this airbrush tan at the spa.

1. Purchase an airbrush tan package of 4 for $99 and you’ll get one free. Five expert airbrush tans for $99 is a steal. (And, you can buy as many packages as you want.)
2. Get a two-for-one deal by bringing a buddy. Bring in your pale friends for their first tan and you’ll both score an airbrush session for $40. (That’s $20 a piece!)
3. Get a discounted one-time tan for $30. (That’s $10 off.)

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