More Nest News: Elemental Herbology Beauty

photography courtesy of Elemental Herbology

It’s a Nest kind of week. The shop’s just so full of interesting and fun things, do you blame us? Now at Nest: Elemental Herbology.

Consider this British line the middle man between cosmeceuticals and natural products. You won’t find it at Whole Foods, but look at the label and you’ll see it’s chock full of herbs, plant oils, and flower extracts that are there to provide antioxidant properties and skin nutrition. Plus, left out are the uglies: synthetic fragrances, artificial color, mineral oil, sulphates, and paraben preservatives. Pop open any tube or bottle and you can smell the delicious earthiness. New Yorkers and Californians are blessed with the stuff in stores scattered about the coasts, but the only place it’s stocked in the south is at our dear sweet Nest.

1. Cool & Clear facial cleanser. You can smell the antibacterial ingredients tea tree oil and lavender, but it’s not drying.
2. Moisture Milk ultra-light facial hydrator. Three patented technologies help brighten the skin while herbs purify and vitamins and green tea provide antioxidant properties. Perfect for 100-degree temperatures.
3. SOS Circulation Serum. The claim is that it invigorates circulation to improve appearance of cellulite. I’m not sure that it actually works (although the caffeine, sea salt, and grapefruit oil ingredients are proven to increase circulation, draw out toxins, and encourage lymphatic drainage), but I love the way it feels on the backs of my thighs. Psychological thing, perhaps.
4. Perfect Clarity blemish minimizer stick. I like having a more natural replacement for healing blemishes (I’ve given up picking), but all the potent ingredients are here: salicylic acid, lactic acid, sulfur, rosemary, lavender, and tea tree oil.