Freshly Squeezed Juice + No Cleanup = Dallas Roots Juices Delivery

Roots Juices Dallas
photography courtesy of Roots Juices

Most of us have heard the juicing hype. Maybe you’ve even bought a juicer of your own. However, if you’re anything like me, getting a juicer and actually using it are two totally different things.(Mine’s been sitting on the counter collecting dust for six months.)

When it comes to the juice-craze, it seems like the majority of us have good intentions but are too busy to take action. Thankfully, Roots Juices, a Dallas-based juice company, has just launched online. Log on, order fresh-pressed goodness, and it’ll arrive at your doorstep. Plus, Roots uses fruits and vegetables from local farmers.

When it takes about three pounds of the stuff to create one juice, it’s a relief to forgo the shopping and horrible clean-up and to take Roots up on its offer. In addition to a variety of nutritious concoctions, Roots supplies specialty juice kits. These range from their 5-day Detox and Cleanse Kit (a smart way to jumpstart a diet) to their Rehab Hangover Recovery Kit (perfect after a wild night out). Interested? Get all the details here.

Kelly Belter is a shopping intern.


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