Ice Ice Baby: fibi & clo Jeweled Sandals Reach Dallas

Lindsay Hartley does a little of everything these days. She’s a makeup artist (you can find her at l.Bartlett), dabbles in public relations, and now she’s picked up a line of glitzy footwear designed by a former Austin gal. It’s the first time the shoes are available in Dallas, so Lindsay stopped by to let Kristin and I take a look. Fibi & clo, named after creator AnaLiza Alba’s kitties, consists of 12 pairs of blinged-out sandals (including two wedges). I am no means a glitterbug myself, but these sparkly babies are truly flattering on feet and could brighten up any dull outfit. (I’m into the turquoise green stones on the Sea Star sandal up top.) They’re also surprisingly comfortable. You can buy them online–$45 for flats and $60 for wedges–and also by direct sale. (Read: Mary Kay style.)  I’m not usually into home sales parties (once you’ve done one jewelry or tupperware party, you’ve done them all). But shoes, well, that’s a horse of a different color. Get a bunch of glam-loving Dallas girls in a room full of these jeweled sandals and some bubbly, and that would certainly make for a good time. Plus, they’re perfect for dressing up a casual vacation look or bedazzling your tootsies for a beach wedding for upcoming summer trips. Take a look online and for questions (or maybe to try on a few pairs), shoot Lindsay Hartley an email.


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