Happier Travels: A Spill-Proof Cosmetics Bag

We get press releases for all kinds of quirky things that, quite frankly, aren’t worth the money. This isn’t one of them. Veronica Mayo, a former American Airlines marketing executive with a heavy travel schedule, got tired of the filth that built up in her beauty bag. After leaving AA, she did something about it and created Vemayca, a system of machine washable cosmetics cases and replaceable interior liners. I’m both a beauty junkie and bit of a germaphobe, so gunkless gear is appealing. I asked for a sample.

When it arrived, to avoid getting work done, I started reorganizing my purse and switching cosmetics cases to this super soft new suede one. I snapped in the liner, dumped all my stuff in and went about my day. The next evening I discovered pink grease smudged down the insides of the bag. A gloss had ruptured. I was ecstatic. Ha! I got to see the invention in action! And guess what? Soon as I got home, I dumped everything out, wiped down the gloss container, switched to a backup liner and moved on with my life. No stained satin. No greasy residue. The case still looks good as new. I’ve since cleaned the first liner so it’s ready to go should another emergency occur. Jet setters, moms on the go, helpless product addicts, I seriously recommend this, and it’s only $25 for a small case and $35 for a large one.


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