Christmas Come Early From Salon Lucien: Oribe Anti-Humidity Spray and New Kerastase for Long Hair

Yes, that is it a Disney princess notebook in the background. No, I don't have children.

“Merry Christmas,” our gorgeous (like, really gorgeous) receptionist said as she dropped this bag off on my desk. (See photo.) Inside, I discovered a chic, familiar box from Oribe with an unfamiliar product, Anti-Humidity Spray, and an assortment of gleaming pink Kerastase bottles from the new Cristalliste line created for long hair (me), oily roots (me), and dry ends (me, me, me!). A letter included from Salon Lucien owner Mary Crosland told me she’s fallen head-over-heels in love with Oribe’s Imperméable Anti-Humidity Spray after testing it in the Bahamas. (Jealous.) For cowlicks, kinks, and unruly waves, she says, this potion is magic. I can’t wait to try it. (April showers will surely bring on the frizz.) Then there’s the long hair care system made up of shampoos for fine and thick locks, a rinse-out conditioner, and Lumiere Liquide hair serum. I haven’t been this excited to try a shampoo in a while. Thank you, Mary, for sharing your new favs. Readers, stay tuned to find out if these gems make my obsessions list, too.

If my boyfriend–who is responsible for polishing off my prized Serge Normant shampoo–attempts to use this stuff, I will cut his arms off. (Sorry, honey.)