Wake Up and Smell the Black Raspberry Vanilla

photography courtesy of Ignite Candle Company

That’s the candle sitting on the dresser in front of my bed, and it. is. delish. It’s also local, made by the girls of Fort Worth-based Ignite Candle Company, a soy candle company boasting more than 300 scents. Candles are mixed, hand poured (wow!), and shipped next day from Funky Town. Each jar contains 100 percent all natural soy bean wax from soybeans grown in the United States. Sizes come in at 8 oz for $8.95, 12 oz for $11.95, and 21 oz for $17.95. There are nearly too many flavors, but you can shop by category. Find a handful of options for each holiday and each season, every fruit, flower, and earthly element, and, of course, brand imitations like perfume remakes and Yankee Candle clones. Then there are the desserts. Pumpkin Pie, Lemon Meringue, Cake Bake… the list goes on. (I don’t personally like my space smelling like Bread Winners because then I can’t concentrate on anything except whether I should/shouldn’t grab my keys and zip over for a pastry.) I do, however, love the samples I received. My love of floral notes, vanilla, and fruit scored me Black Raspberry Vanilla, Mandarin Cranberry, and Spiced Pear, and I’m thrilled with all three. They burn even (no lopsided wax puddles), smell strong (they’re triple scented), and come in fun, bright colors. Ignite Candle Company is still working on getting their name out there, so support local and go shop.


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