Former 10 Most Beautiful Turns Fashion Designer on Lifetime’s 24 Hour Catwalk This Week

Ashley Burghardt, local handbag designer and one of the 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas 2010, is making her second TV debut this week. (She previously appeared on MTV’s Made.) Ashley will star as one of the competing designers on Lifetime’s 24 Hour Catwalk, which features a panel of judges, a team of sewers, and four designers who are asked to create a three-piece collection in one day. (It’s tougher than it sounds.) A fresh batch of designers arm up for battle each episode, and this week, the Ashard Richley handbag designer contends. Hurry up and buy a purse so you can say you own one of her original designs. (I just discovered there’s a “Raya” clutch in her collection–interesting–if you fancy ruffles.) Tune in to Lifetime (I can hear my boyfriend rolling his eyes at work) on Thursday, February 16, at 9 pm.


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