Bathe in Valentine’s Day Beauty

photography by Matthew Shelley

I love holidays. Unlocks the guilt gate so I can go flooding happily into any shop I want. This week, it’s Valentine’s Day. I’ve told you where to get date night gear and where to pick up pretty underthings, but have I showed you these adorable V Day-inspired beauty products? No, I have not. It’s criminal. Pick up the cute, chemical-free Hugo Naturals handcrafted Spanish Rose Heart soaps above at Whole Foods for $4.99 a piece. Lush lovers can enjoy the vegan Love Potion cocoa butter bar which melts slowly into massage oil for $7.95 from Lush boutiques at Galleria and NorthPark. (It smells like heaven, i.e. apple blossom, orris root, bergamot, and jasmine.) If you’re a V Day hater, that’s cool, too. Enjoy with devilish delight the Lush Ex-Factor bath bomb voodoo and watch that jerk crumble to shreds in your tub of bubbles. Need a silly gift to replace the ol’ doily-on-construction-paper note? How about the You’re the Cutest conversation heart-flavored lip balm from Not Soap, Radio, $10 at Stanley Korshak.


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