What’s In Fashion Event Producer Jan Strimple’s Bag?

photography by Matthew Shelley, design by Charlotte Tobin

If you know of Jan Strimple, you already know why I was excited to invite her in to spill her purse. If you don’t know her as the producer behind the city’s smartest fashion shows (see StyleSheet’s photos of DIFFA, Elizabeth Anyaa, and Prashe), you may already be familiar with her as the striking (and incredibly elegant) ponytailed red head at all the city’s major fashion affairs. Like Jan, the contents of her bag are delightful and ladylike. Take a look.

1. Golf tee for husband Dan and dimes in memory of her father. “My dad used to give us dimes and say ‘call me’ if we ever needed him. Now we find dimes in the most unusual places.”
2. Cloisonné tape measure
3. Sticky notes and safety pins. “I always have matte black safety pins.”
4. Ion travel hair spray. “It keeps the hair back and crisp.”
5. Eyelashes. “I like off-the-beaten-path salons. They often have old inventory and unusual things.”
6. Garment protector hood. “It keeps makeup off the clothing. This is a model’s responsibility.”
7. Meduri Razzcherries and Leonard Farms pecans from Texas. “I always have a snack in my bag.” (She shared a couple Razzcherries, and I ordered them immediately.)
8. From top: Clinique gloss in Blackberry Bloom (“I don’t wear lipstick; just lip liner with gloss on top.”), NYX Slim Lip Pencil in Bloom (“This is a great line from Ulta. My cosmetics case is hi-low like my wardrobe.”), Chantecaille lip liner in “Natural,” pen and perfume stick (“I wear bath oil.”), Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat concealer, and piña colada lip balm.
9. Music. “I’m always listening to music for my shows.”
10. Fashion Optical sunglasses in the “Jan Strimple” style.
11. Carwash tickets. “I like my car to be clean.”
12. Chrome Hearts eyeglasses.
13. Mason Pearson handy brush
14. Vitamin case. “I take, like, 27 vitamins a day. By night, I’m taking them with wine.”
15. Mirror case. Taped inside is a quote that reads: Grace is the face that love wears when it meets imperfection.
16. Wallet. “It looks like something chic from the 50s. I’m obsessed with the 50s.”


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