What’s in Designer Prashe Shah’s Bag?

photography by Matthew Shelley, design by Charlotte Tobin

Using gorgeous printed silks, designer Prashe Shah handcrafts everything from cosmetic bags and home decor pieces to gorgeous sari skirts and Indian wedding gowns. I knew I wanted a little peek into her exotic world so I invited her in to spill her purse. When she showed up with her pet parrot, Tiger, I knew it wouldn’t be disappointing.

Prada bag

1. Prashe vintage silk cosmetic bags. “This is how I started my career. They’re all different and never repeated.”
2. Chanel quilted wallet. “I can double it up as a clutch.”
3. Bigelow Tea. “I’ve never had coffee. Ever.”
4. Hand sanitizer. “I’m always working with my hands, so I’m constantly cleaning my hands.”
5. Leather clutch. “I use it as my camera holder.”
6. Hair clip. “I have a lot of hair and this keeps it out of my face.”
7. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment lip balm (left) and Vera Wang Princess travel perfume (right).
8. Stride gum.
9. Beaded headband.
10. Apple. “I always have food in my bag so I can resort to eating healthy.” (It’s good for Tiger, too, who destroyed the apple in this photo in a matter of minutes.)
11. iPhone (hidden under Tiger)
12. Tiger, her eclectus pet parrot
13. Keys to her home and Oak Lawn design studio.

Peek into more purses.


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