Look What I Found at Relativity Outdoors: Cool Baubles, Stylish Boots, and Colorful Tops

All winter wear is 25 percent off right now.

I can’t keep myself out of Relativity Outdoors lately. It could be that I found unique but functional gifts in there for everyone I know over Christmas. Or maybe it’s the way the outdoor adventure store’s furnished with shelves of hiking boots, chic tree branches, and snowy mountain landscape photos that makes me feel like I’ve actually spent some time outdoors during my lunchbreak. Whatever it is, I know I love stopping in, finding out about the latest technological advancements in Columbia jackets, styles of Arc’Teryx military grade sports bras and tanks, and newest shipment of Love Nail Tree jewelry. Oh, and taking home a garment from the sale rack. (Today I bought the boyfriend some slick, black Element board shorts for $25.) Check out my favorite things from the shop today.

1. Columbia tunic, $75
2. Soft-as-butter jacket
3. Horny Toad button-down, $85
4. Sandal island
5. Arc’Teryx tanks, $59 to $69
6. Sorel “Tofino” boot, $140
7. Love Nail Tree binoculars necklace, $42
8. Love Nail Tree rings with foreign coins, $17
9. Loe Nail Tree charm necklaces
10. Hemp t-shirts, 2 for $30
11. Patagonia “Advocate” men’s slip-ons, $55