I’ve Been Told I Should Blog About the Dallas Burlesque Festival AND Gadgets & Gobstoppers: The Twisted World of Wonka

Angi B Lovely with Ruby Revue at House of Blues

I got an email from a PR pal of mine listing reasons I should tell you about the upcoming Dallas Burlesque Festival starting February 2. His argument? One, Angi B Lovely, a local burlesque performer, made our Best Nightlife Photos of 2011 list. True. (See above.) Two, Shoshana Portnoy, photographer and owner of Dallas Pin Up took my pin-up inspired Facebook profile photo. Also true. (As a matter of fact, I’m going for round two of Valentine’s Day pin-up photos with her this weekend. It’s so much fun!) He forgot the third reason, which is that secretly I wish I were not a journalist and actually a famous burlesque dancer. If you’re unfamiliar with the art of burlesque dancing, look up Dita von Teese and Christina Aguilera’s Burlesque movie for references. So, why should you attend this Texas tribute to the art of vintage burlesque dancing? It’s fun, often funny, and a perfect pre-Valentine’s Day treat. For only $15 to $20 at House of Blues, you can catch performances, live pin up shoots, fashion shows, and awards from Thursday, February 2 to Saturday, February 4. (A $65 tickets gets you a three-course Dish dinner and awards ceremony on Sunday.) Check out the Dallas Burlesque Festival site to buy tickets.

UPDATE: The local burlesque scene’s beloved Viva Dallas Burlesque group produced by Shoshana Portnoy, mentioned above, is also hosting specially themed Gadgets & Gobstoppers: The Twisted World of Wonka on Friday, February 3. The regular burlesque performances put on by this group at Lakewood Theater are always a good time, and this show with a famous candy motif will be no different, I’m sure. According to the crew, the theater will be transformed “into an eyecandy feast of lick-able wallpaper, chocolate fountains, and candy confections. Appaloosa Red hosts our burlesque bon-bons: Ammunition (Chicago), Miss Malicious, Pixie O Kneel, Courtney Crave, aerial acrobatics by Fly Girls, Femme Vivre LaRouge, Jai L’ Bait & more. The evening’s finale includes the magical music offerings of Amanda Terese, Sarasvati Bodhisattva, and the one and only Marquis of Vaudeville.” Sounds like a winning combination of fun performances and deliciousness to me.

Burlesque lovers, people looking for V-Day activities, and bored folks, rejoice. You have SO much to do coming up. For even more burlesque action, visit DFWBurlesque.com, which appears to reach across the aisle, if you will, and give you a head’s up on all upcoming shows.


  • Mary

    i went last year with my boyfriend of only three months… needless to say, we weren’t to a point of familiarity of watching volumptuous women strip down to thongs and nipple tassels without feeling super awkward, but the cheap drinks(we had lots)and people watching made it a date to remember.
    i will be back this year!

  • Wonderful write up, Miss! I particularly love your explanation of modern burlesque. I am so excited about the Dallas Burlesque Festival and honored to share the stage with so many talented beauties. xoxo-Ruby

  • This year’s festival is going to be spectacular! Whether you’re a longtime burlesque aficionado or brand new to the scene, the Dallas Burlesque Fest has something to offer everyone. I’ll be performing during the Sunday VIP night, and I can tell you the entire festival is gonna be one hell of a show! Snap up your tickets now while they’re still available. 😉

  • not a fan

    I hope that everyone reading this article visits http://WWW.dfwburlesque.com, which promotes ALL of Dallas’ burlesque shows, not just this one at HOB. There is so much more to Dallas’s scene than just this once a year show. I’m surprised that this site wasn’t mentioned, nor the other shows that happen more regularly around town.

  • Raya Ramsey

    @not a fan, thanks for the info. I’ve updated the post!

  • Thank you so much Raya for highlighting the fabulous pin-up and burlesque community here in Dallas!

  • Femme Vivre

    I’m so excited about Gadgets&Gobstoppers – it’s always wonderful working with Viva and with The Marquis of Vaudeville – throw in Wonka and Steampunk: Goody Goody Gumdrops!! Thanks for the excellent write up!

  • Amanda Violett

    I work the ticket booth for every Viva Dallas show and sell my jewelry at Dallas Pinup. These are wonderful additions to our city that are skillfully put together by Shoshana. She has been such an asset to the DFW burlesque community.

  • DallasBurlesqueFan

    Very much looking forward to Gadgets & Gobstoppers! There’s also a promotional scavenger hunt for real golden tickets in Dallas! Very creative.