Gift Giving’s Over. Now Say Thanks with DIY i-pezzi Stationery from Bell’Invito

A few of the 80 styles of pre-cut printed designs you can choose.
photo courtesy of i-pezzi

Gift giving’s over and it’s time to thank your Santa babies. Do it with the i-pezzi DIY stationery line from our very own Bell’Invito. I-pezzi, which apparently means “the pieces,” is a line made up of bits and parts of stationery that you can purchase in bundles and assemble at home. It’s more affordable than Bell’Invito’s “couture” collections and the paper is recycled. Putting together your little project is easy, too. As a magician might say, pick a card, any card. How about a 20-pack of medium cards in natural white with a chartreuse border for $9? Then choose an envelope style. I’m no snail mail expert, but I think the medium European version in matching natural white will work for 20 for $8.50. Then brace yourself for the grand finale: selecting the envelope liner. Pick a design to fit snuggly in your envelope. Grab a 10-pack in Alice (a black with gold print) and thrown in a few cut-it-yourself sheets for $15 each. Perhaps the Edna floral print will do? And you’re done. Take ’em home, match ’em up, stamp them with your autograph, and seal with a kiss. Find it all at Nest or Bell’Invito.

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