What’s In Fashion Blogger Gregg Asher’s Bag?

photography by Matthew Shelley, design by Charlotte Tobin

If you know who Gregg Asher is, you’ll already be interested in taking a look-see into his personal belongings. If you don’t, allow me to introduce you. Meet Gregg, a hairstylist and fashion blogger with a better collection of women’s designer shoes than you do and a tiny chihuahua, Logo, who is apparently equally as obsessed with designer garb. (“Her favorites are Goyard and Hermès,” Gregg says.) Take a look into the Louis Vuitton lover’s (rather large) bag:

Stephen Sprouse Louis Vuitton bag

1. Paws in the City pamphlet. “After being on Most Eligible Dallas with Tara, everyone stops me about their stray dogs and cats.”
2. Carlos Falchi clutch. “My boyfriend and I met at that store and 15 years later, I still have it.”
3. Hermès dog collar for Logo. “I always try to pick up fun collars to take her parties.”
4. Big League Chew bubble gum. “As a child, that’s what my mom gave us to entertain us.”
5. Harper’s Bazaar. “It’s the new bible. Vogue was last year’s.”
6. Good luck travel charm
7. Louis Vuitton Monogram Groom Collection wallet with his favorite interior color: green. “It’s my favorite color because it’s the color of money.”
8. Louis Vuitton scarf. “I love leopard print. Leopard print in a color is double excitement for me.”
9. Cards for his New York  plastic surgeon and “my Dallas Botox lady”
10. Photo booth pictures from State Fair of Texas “It’s a tradition to go to the State Fair on the last day every year.”
11. Bedazzled earbuds as a gift from Tara Harper
12. Louis Vuitton sunglasses. “I saw Kanye West wearing them so I had to have them.”
13. Aspironpod.
14. Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Lip Silk (“I’m an obsessive lip person. I’ve had them done 10 times.”) and GlamGlow Mud Mask.
15. Scissors. “I can do a bang trim on the go.”
16. Marc Jacobs bandages. “I’m kind of careless.”
17. Hermès belt buckle and bracelet for “a quick costume change.”

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